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Album Covers not showing; only Moode default

I'm a big fan of yard sales, garage sales, places like Goodwill too. It's been so long I cant even remember where I got this router - but for sure some place like Goodwill. It's a unit that once belonged to "CH", which someone must've brought from another state when they got redeployed - and got replaced by whatever equipment was provided here; hence they tossed it to the thrift store donation pile. As such, the firmware isnt directly upgradable; I'd have to first blow it away using dd-wrt and risk bricking the unit in that process. It's been rock-solid for years of service...this is the only issue I've ever had with it, besides the USB3 port being more glitchy than the USB2.

I've had so many routers pass through my hands - at least a couple R7000 "nighthawks" that I end up selling on ebay to finance my audio playtime. If it werent for the recent perilous pandemic conditions, I'd be confident I'd find a better unit in short order - I'm pretty reclusive these days and wouldnt dare go to the Goodwill "bins" place where people get to sort through all manner of donated trash indoors - where I've found many a router and other valuable electronic items. Not_worth_it...even while wearing a P100 filtered mask respirator. An outdoor garage sale is another matter.

I'm currently using picoreplayer. I'm familiar with the LMS interface, as it's what I used when I first setup a music server probably 7-8 years ago now. I had to monkey with the network share mount until I arrived at "mount -v -t cifs -o username=guest,uid=1001,gid=50,vers=1.0 //"USB_Storage" /mnt/Music".
Key to getting a successful mount was the vers=1.0 specifier. I was advised to bring my router up to date regarding the issue I was having there too; but concluded adding "vers=1.0" is a lot easier than the router firmware update process in my case. LMS shows the album artwork if available in the album directories.

I have 3 other routers on hand - a TP-Link Touch P5, an Asus RT-AC1200 and a Linksys EA6900. All junk as far as routers go - according the dd-wrt upgrade page. I may investigate these regarding cifs v2 capability, but I'll probably verify, sell on ebay, use the funds to get a good R6300V2, R7000 or something even better. Ebay has been very good to me - where else can you get a 24V 6A full analog regulated power supply for $20 shipped? Adjusted to 20V or so, that's about to power my HifiBerry Amp2 - for the "good" sound!

Thanks very much for all the time and attention given to me and my issue here, from everyone! It's much appreciated. Best Regards, Joe

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