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Problem: RPi 4b connected via I2S to SABRE ES9038Q2M DAC POPs at manual Track Change
This behavior "the Pops never happens if it follows the Playlist (no Manual interaction)" is probably because MPD is leaving the audio output open while it automatically transitions from one playlist item to the next.

When manually changing tracks I believe it's closing then reopening the output.

Someone that has expertise in C++ and can understand the MPD sources could confirm this or alternatively someone could ask the MPD maintainer what is happening.
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(07-30-2020, 11:10 AM)AudioFool77 Wrote: Thanks guys,
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CallMeMike I seems that the Clock needs to be "resynced" some time, so the SOX Upsampling didn´t Change something as described before.
........................ snip ....................

As you see, the Pops come and go, Always with the same Songs.... I used in this case SOX upscaling...

@Tim Curtis talks a lot of sense...

By the way, your last remark rings some bells... not sure about the meaning yet. You are saying that the issue happens with the same songs... is this a definate pattern?
- Is it that switching during the playback of a playlist to a different song the issue gets triggered ONLY by the same songs (that you know of) and never by the others (that you know of)...?
- Do these 'same songs' belong to the same album?
- Can you verify by testing the playlist switch with all the songs in that album in order to define a clearer pattern?
- If there are more than one song from that album causing the 'noise' could you convert that album using an audio converter to the same sample rate target (so NO ESSENTIAL changes are done) and repeat the 'noise' test?

As I said some... some sneaking suspicion that has to do with your particular DAC board and the 'workaround' involving the standalone USB-to-I2S board which provides 'noiseless' playback.
Hy Mike!
Sorry for late answer, but I was offline for a while....

Maybe my description was not that clear, so I try to explain the thing more detailed.

When I wrote "same Songs" I meaned if I switch once between 3 songs (no matter if frome the same album or another one with different formate/bits/kbs) I have pops, but the next time, with the same scenario in same order and same songs, I don´t....

As I said I have no more hope to get this solved, so I ordered 2 USB-to-I2S boards, which both arrived yesterday from china Smile
I tryed them today, and as already tested with my other USB-to-I2S board from my other Dual ES9038 Pro DAC, I have no more Issues as described...

So it seams you need to go the Async way with this chinese Sabre Boards to get happy, instead of the the direct I2s syncron way .
That´t my experience for today.

Thanks all for supporting my issue.

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