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Allo Katana DAC
(07-31-2018, 08:55 PM)Tkr001 Wrote: If you want spdif input to your dac from the RPi you could try a digione hat from Allo.

This may actually be the best approach: it's just a transport, so I can always change the DAC in the line further down the road! Thanks for the suggestion.  Makes perfect sense.

Of course, now I am a bit bitten by the bug of learning how exactly would the Katana be better than my DAC (or if), but this basic approach ticks all the correct checkboxes.

Do you think that the re-clocked SPDIF output would mark a clear improvement over the on-board USB?  I am guessing probably yes.

Seems like a great idea, thanks! Best regards,
I am using the Allo DigiOne as transport w/ external DAC. The DigiOne is a very good bet, and a marked improvement in my system over the hifiberry that I used for a year. But I too am curious about Katana vs Transport (like I am using now).
Hi, some screenies from Katana testing. All bitrates up to DSD64 (PCM and DoP) working perfectly.
NOTE: the new HUD on CoverView UI :-)


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Hi moOde fans,
I am testing it and it works perfectly.
Honestly, the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger already is waiting for the isolator and case! Especially having experienced the amazing sonic upgrade going to DigiOne in my Hi-Fi system. I’m betting on the Katana to be worth trying in a system like the one I’m using “sight unseen”.

Not running a compact or bookshelf system here, this is my primary rig that has evolved since late 20th century (ok, the ‘90s!). It’s not the best by far, but it is good and quite revealing of upstream. You can hear the change of interconnect cable or tubes, and burn in is not some weird concept here; I can actually hear it and do understand the signal chain. The only concern I would have is if Katana is “analog” sounding enough and not “edgy” in the audible chain. That’s the catch 22 for chasing better sound for so long. I’ve tried to keep my rig where the components and sound are as versatile as possible. I listen to many types of music, and as we all know, recording source can be better and worse. Ripping everything uncompressed to Flac, running through DigiOne from SSD to a tube DAC (some would call dinosaur), and into tube amps out through big horn klipsch speakers has stepped up my digital rig. It has a long way to go to beat out the vinyl setup here, but digital is finally a worthwhile medium these days.
Everyone’s upgrade path varies for sure. I appreciate the work that Tim does and Allo too.
I decided to pull the trigger for a DigiOne yesterday.

As Chacodude, I'll wait for the Katana to mature a bit, make sure it's analog stage is the 'final version' (I fully appreciate them offering a possible upgrade for free, but shipping plus customs would be another $100 for me!), and have the PSU aspect (including 3 different types of adapters) fully sorted out.

And, of course, a nice aluminum Case!

Then, I may make Katana my new DAC, but, for the time being, I'll try the transport and see what a reclocked source sounds like.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll free this chat now for actual Katana owners.

Best regards,
Hi Rafa,

Not sure this would be an option or interest to others just wanted to mention. Not suggesting there is anything wrong with Allo, in fact one of my rigs is an Allo Piano & reclocker.

I have another rig running MoOde 4.2 with Spotify working beautifully thanks to you. Anyway this rig consists of a Pi3B+ with Justboom Digi connected to stacked MiniDSP 2 x4 kit with minidigi. This rig has ATC speakers C1CA (stood vertically) with two Monoprice 12" woofers. I use REW and my filters to dial in the sound to my liking. The digi boards from Allo will for sure work just as well as the ones I selected.

Thanks again for your many contributions. One day I will get brave enough to get cover art to interface with MoOde.
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(08-03-2018, 01:38 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Hi, some screenies from Katana testing. All bitrates up to DSD64 (PCM and DoP) working perfectly.
NOTE: the new HUD on CoverView UI :-)  

Hi Tim, 

cdsgames commented "However be advised that DOP is not supported in synch mode (only asynch)" Do you have control over sync vs async through the driver in moOde? 

Obviously it works the way you have it set in your system.


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