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Allo Katana DAC
very interesting topic  Heart
Katana 1.2 will be released Friday 7 of Sep
Wonderful :-)
And how about the Moode 4.3? When does it will be released?

Release including ISO image is planned for this month, assuming receipt of Katana hw refresh and successful test results :-)

Great news! Specially the ISO image. That is going to bring a lot of people back, I hope!

Please could someone advise me:

Is it possible to fit the Katana module stack in a Smartipi touch screen frame using the large, (deep), 37mm back cover.

What is the total clearance height of the stack, bottom of Pi  board to top of highest component on the top board.?

many thanks

Hi Patrick,

The distance between the top and bottom plates of the Katana dog bone case is 50mm. This includes several mm of clearance between the bottom of the Raspberry Pi and the bottom plate but it does not include the additional clearance needed for the headers on the top board. I'd estimate that to be an additional 5mm.

You're looking at around 55 - 60mm dimensionally but the Katana stack generates some heat so you will want it in a very well ventilated enclosure.

ISO release ?
I'm looking forward to it!
Been reading every post on this thread and am excited to have finally decided to get the Katana to replace my HiFiBerry Digi (PCM Out)/SMSL M8 DAC (External ES9018) setup.  Like others, I'm patiently waiting for release 1.2 to start shipping.  Meanwhile I'm trying to get my ducks in a row in regard to my power supplies.

Currently I use a linear PS I built with +5V and +9V output to power the RPI and my DAC, but going forward I think I'm going to go with three PS: A cheap, regulated 3A for RPI, my +5 linear for MC (+Katana and OpAmp), and then build a linear +-15V for the OpAmp board.  Two questions.

- I didn't see any definitive specs on the +-15V.  Would 1 AMP each do?
- Is there a compelling reason to supply separate clean +5V power to Katana and another one to the OpAmp?  Their usage is so minuscule that it seems like a waste to spend (build, in my case) two separate linear +5V supplies.  I can't see them introducing fluctuations to the power coming from the MC.


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