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Import/Export Radio Stations and merge them
Hi all,
first i want to emphasize that i really appreciate the new feature of exporting and importing stations, that really simplifies the process of a backup and when i upgrade the version to a higher major number when my personal stations are lost with installing a new fresh image.

I' now looking for a possibility how to merge new stations to my list without dropping my existing ones.
Ideally there would be a merge possibility, importing a new list without deleting the old ones => a new idea how to improve the import functionality in future.

As long as a "Merge" or "Import without deleting the database before" doesn't exist:
How would be the necessary manual steps to merge manually two archieves?

Edit /var/local/www/db/cfg_radfio.csv and insert the new station(s) here at the end

Insert a new .pls file in 

Insert a new logo in 

Which criteria must the image files met?

When a merge would be easy possible, it would simplyfy the way how users can share their favorite radio stations.

If you look at my solution of a year ago ( you'll see it did just this merge. That code was written to help a single user with his problem. I haven't revisited it to see how it compares to Tim's solution, but based on my experience I'm sure Tim's could be adjusted to suit.

Thanks Kent, I will have a look at it.
I'll add "merge" to the TODO list for moOde 7 series.
Thanks Tim, sounds great! :-)

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