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Solved: Phantom tracks in playlist
Using Folders with Clear/Play, in the playlist there are additional tracks added. In an album of 8 tracks, another 8 tracks are added, which are not in the folder. See the picture. The phantom tracks have variable track times listed, and usually the player returns "File does not exist" when running through the playlist. In this album, track 9 is identified as "Track 1 File does not exist".  "On startup, I consistently get MPD error: JSON.parse error messages that flash six times. There are no error messages on MPD restart. Phantom tracks persist. This is a new reflash from today. JSON.parse errors started to appear (possibly???) after setting album backgrounds in Appearance settings.


Occasionally there are more lengthy descriptions by MPD (another album):

"Failed to decode /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/Pentium/Chandos/Prokofiev Symphonies NJarvi 3of6/07 - Symphony No.4, op.112 (revised 1947 version) - III. Moderato, quasi allegretto.wav; Failed to open '/var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/Pentium/Chandos/Prokofiev Symphonies NJarvi 3of6/07 - Symphony No.4, op.112 (revised 1947 version) - III. Moderato, quasi allegretto.wav': No such file or directory"

Sometimes MPD gives "invalid character" warnings when the folder is loaded.

There's insufficient evidence here to make a firm diagnosis. Misbehaving library and playlist entries always make me think of the presence of bad tags and/or of screwy .cue files. How are you tagging your .wav files?

For a start, how about a detailed listing of at least one album directory (aka folder) on your NAS which "contains" phantom tracks.

Working from the command line and taking your Prokofiev track as an example this would look something like (yes, /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS is a link to /mnt/NAS)

ls -la /mnt/NAS/Pentium/Chandos/

As for invalid characters, it's hard to track these down. We'll take on those later.

...and I like your choices in musicSmile

Do you have any extraneous m3u or cue files that are referencing non-existant files?
You could delete these files or create a text file called .mpdignore in the root of your music file share and add the following lines to the text file's contents...


Once done update the library in Moode
For one directory 'Sibelius Symphonies 3,6 &7' removing the cue file worked. The file was created by CUERipper 2.1.6. during CD ripping. When loading the CUE file, it would generate the phantom tracks in the MPD playlist. The CD was in the CUERipper database.

For another directory, deleting the CUE file didn't work, but for that CD, there was no disk information in the database, so I used Mp3Tag to add file tags. The added phantom tracks in the playlist were titled Track 01, Track 02, Track 03. This was the original track tags after ripping. For some reason, a phantom track 4 (the last track) was not on the playlist. Looking at the tags in Mp3Tag, everything looks correct.

I will try the command file you provided.

Thank you.
So far it's working well with .mpdignore file and library update. Even worked with the CD that had edited tags. I will look around a bit more, and if it all looks good, I will change status to SOLVED.

Thank you very much.

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