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Loading up albums - speed issues
Hi all,

Sorry still on a steep learning curve and need a little help please.

This is my first installation (thats how new I am) but I've done some reading and came across DeZtiny's easy Moode installation (April 2018, which is good), but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

Here's the issue....

I have copied some flac files to my Moode hardrive last night from my server. I did this by connecting it to my PC usb and just a normal copy/past.
This took over 7 hours last night while catching up on some badly needed shuteye.

I've now connected the HD to Moode and in the process of scanning/uploading it into the Moode library, but its saying its going to take another 2186 hours, or 91 days or 3 months Unless this is the total playing time). 
Huummm , I'm thinking this can't be right can it. And how can you tell when its completed its scanning as the round revolving circle top right of the screen has stopped and there are a lot of albums that are empty is this because its still uploading, if so why as the revolving circle stopped ?.

Not sure if this is useful to know, all my files are FLAC and I'm running a PI 3B, connected to a 2TBHD,  and managing all of this via my networked PC.  Any help or comments would be very much appreciated. 
Thanks All

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