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Loading up albums - speed issues
<< This is my first installation (thats how new I am) but I've done some reading and came across DeZtiny's easy Moode installation (April 2018, which is good), but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. >>


You are not saying which MoOde version you've installed (and configured). I've searched the Forum for DeZtiny's post and, indeed, it is a nice write-up with comprehensive installation and configuration instructions; lazy as I am I gave up reading the whole content so I cannot comment whether there is anything else that needs modified/updated (apart from the MoOde version).

The latst MoOde image can be downloaded from here and the Setup Guide can be obtained from here

If one has not have previous experience with MoOde installation/configuration (or any other headless distribution) probably it is best one configures the RPi as the Player (no HAT or USB DAC) and testing while using internal Audio Test, the RADIO and an USB memory stick with a few music files ALL done with the RPi connected by an Ethernet cable to the LAN. Once everything is satisfactory one can test the same over a WiFi connection and if all is good one should add a HAT or USB DAC and configure the new hardware set-up in MoOde accordingly. NO updates/scripts/modifications should be done to the MoOde installation YET should one be tempted to try some new 'add-on' features that are not part of the MoOde version.

After powering down and re-attaching the LAN cable one can connect the USB storage device containing the music files (the music files get copied the fastest only when the USB storage device is plugged in directly to the original storage PC... copying via the LAN from the source PC to the RPi/DAC/USB Storage combo is the SLOWEST). Power up and nce the USB storage device is recognised by MoOde one can start to start the Library Scan following the SETUP GUIDE and attempt to do NOTHING until the scanning is carried out and gets completed..

Once the Library database is built and one can test satisfactorily the music in the Library one can again test the same via WiFi if needed.

Initial scanning takes the longest and it is depending on the network connection (LAN connection being the best choice) and the amount of data. You will know that the Library scan is completed when as you say, << the round revolving circle top right of the screen has stopped >>. Bad tagging/no tagging of the music files may cause problems, the Forums has quite a few threads with references to Library scanning problems.

If you are not sure about one or more aspects of the initial installation/configuration I would suggest a fresh installation/configuration.

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