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Solved: Library (media server) not shown completely

I just installed moOde on a Raspi 3B and - in principle -  it works great.
With the help of other user's questions here in this forum I finally managed to attach a media server folder. Big Grin
Unfortunately a library update does not show all albums. Only the first couple (~20) of artists
are visible/accessible. The log file shows no error (from my p.o.v.) and it states that >1000 folders have been processed.
(On the server there are images as well. So the number of processed folders might include image folders.)
The mdp log just ends after this few number of albums without any complains... I'm puzzled Huh

Since I'm absolutely not familiar with such operating systems I'm having a hard time to dig deeper
into details. So I hope some of you experts could help.

Btw, running the library update over and over again changes the found albums slightly. But I never
managed to get the whole database.

Many thanks in advance,

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