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Solved: Library (media server) not shown completely
The Library update runs two processes in parallel. The first is the MPD database update routine which scans the music collection for song files and builds a tag index. The second is the thumb nail generator (thmcache) which scans the music collection album directories for images embedded in the song files or for image files (folder.jpg, cover.jpg, etc).

The Moode log entries don't explicitly show the MPD database update statistics, only those from "thmcache" which refer to the number of album directories scanned for images. For example:

20200810 072545 worker: Job update_library
20200810 072545 thmcache: Start
20200810 072545 thmcache: Scanning: NAS, SDCARD, UPNP
20200810 072555 thmcache: Done: 352 album dirs processed
20200810 072609 worker: Job update_library done

To find out what MPD database update has done its necessary to look at the MPD log.

cat /var/log/mpd/log

To get a clean, first run log do the following.

1. Menu, Configure, System
2. CLEAR System logs
3. Menu, Update library

After Library update completes (no spinner)

4. cat /var/log/mpd/log

Look for evidence that all your songs were indexed. There will be a log entry for each song file. If not all of them were successfully indexed then look for errors.

NOTE that moOde's Library is based on tags in the song files. If the tags are missing or incorrect then the Library will not be correct.

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