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Load Playlist
Loading saved playlists in Moode 4.2 is a cumbersome task. It took me some headscratching and googling to find out how to do it.

Switch from the Playback view to Music, then switch it to list view to find the playlists.

It would be so much better to have a "Load Playlist" button right next to the "Save Playlist" one to easily switch playlists.



Hi Phil,

I'll add to the TODO list

"Load Playlist" button next to "Save Playlist"

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You find your playlists where you find the rest of your music, which seems pretty straightforward to me, though admittedly they should either be independent from the browse view or available in library as well.
Hi @swizzle, @philrandal

I think once we implement a default for the Music tab (Browse or Library) then selecting Playlists will require only 3 clicks which would be same number of clicks for a button next to "Save Playlist".

click - Music (Browse)
click - selected Playlist
click - Add, Play, Clear/Play

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