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Idea: Configuration screens accessable by "swiping"
I think that it would be nice to get access to different "screens" by swiping: for example to the music and radio libraries, or DAC configuration... We have currently to "push" words or zones on the screen to get such possibilities, and sometimes (depending on your screen size), it is a bit difficult...

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Quote: swiping

some of us are still using desktop (hippie ?) interfaces.....  tried "swiping" my screen and just left a big greasy mark !!

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Yes, I understand your comments... there are several use cases for MoOde...including mobile and legacy screen interfaces.... hopefully upcoming MoOde versions will please us all...:-)

Sorry if I used the wrong word, and I forgot to say that I was talking about the screen of my mobile phone...

I just want to say that on a mobile display, I is not always very handy to "push" some "zones" to get access to specific options: I saw that possibility on Volumio and RuneAudio (I guess) and thought that it was interesting.

It is already partly used with the Moode's playlist, so why don't use it to display the music library or a screen with all Moode's configuration options other things: that would make moode's display more simple (and only dedicated to music)...

But that is just a suggestion.

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