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re Radio Paradise sound quality
I noticed when first listening to the Radio Paradise streams in moOde that they sounded a bit "compressed" to me.  Sure enough, when I checked, the player showed lossy bit rate.

I edited the URLS for all the Radio Paradise "stations" to reference the FLAC streams.  They all sound noticably  better now - and the player reports the stream bit rate as Variable...

I don't know what the savings in bandwidth are between the default lossy and flac...
My experience with the RP FLAC streams is that they were somewhat unreliable and glitchy. The 320K streams in comparison are super solid and so it's those streams that are bundled with moOde.
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Understood. I can recall in the past few months of listening to Radio Paradise maybe once a week when the flac stream would go silent and I have to reconnect.

But since I never used the lossy stream, I don't know if the same would happen, and since it is so infrequent I just chalk it up to network issues.
Once a week isn't too bad. I have at least that many dropouts with Tidal - and that's an expensive service.
Hi Tim... just loaded the urls for the RP flac streams into Bubble so I could play them via 7.0.1..... andd i have to report it is fabulous.... better quality than my DSD stuff on my NAS!
Im using a Digione signature into a Chord Mscaler and on to a Dave....very happy I moved from Volumio!!
Nice :-) The Digione Sig is a really nice device.
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