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Solved: Virtualization possibility

Out of curiosity question: is there a way to "virtualize" a headless player, like moOde, to avail resorces for other tasks when audio playback is not required?
I would very much prefer switching my Pi activities between, for example, audio playback and retrogaming because buying another device set when first one sitting idle is redundant and, at times, expensive hobby. I'm a novice in ARMs devices usage, but is there really no way of doing that?
Two SD cards. One with moode on one with your retro game set-up. Then just power off, swap the cards, power on. Hardware re purposed in a few moments.
There is also adaptator to have 2 sdcard for the pi, something like this:
I was going to post some twaddle about the state of virtualization experiments on the RPi but I like these answers better.

In my own case, the cost of an RPi is small relative to other components in my hobby, so I just dedicate each to its own use.

Yes, thank you kindly for all responses, seen 'em all, but wasn't able to answer earlier.
Adaptor is unnecessary luxury, but still good to know such things are on the market; I'll go with 2 SDs then.

Or maybe dunno if this is possible, but make two partions on one SDcard so you can choose in boot menu wich OS you wanna start.

I´m not sure tho if this is possible to do in a easy way.
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