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Win 10 Playback fill screen - missing controls
I've searched for a previous post on this subject, there doesn't seem to be one.

If I use Moode on my iphone or ipad the playback screen shows various controls such as random, play random album etc. 

Using a Win10 laptop (which is glued to my hands most of the day) those control's don't appear. For the first couple of weeks of using Moode I have been using ssh/mpc to set random or changing to the library view which does render those controls.

Just discovered that what controls you see on my Win 10 laptop depends on whether your using full screen or a resized window. 

Screen full size - no random etc controls under the volume ring
Screen sized down - controls appear under the volume ring

I guess laptop users eventually stumble on this feature/anomaly. Same in both Edge and Chrome.
What model Laptop?

Try this link at full screen and report the viewport size.
[attachment=1781 Wrote:Tim Curtis pid='26292' dateline='1603279033']What model Laptop?

Try this link at full screen and report the viewport size.

Hi Tim, 

Model is Lenovo Ideapad S340 - the screen is HD rather than FHD

viewport is 1280 x 610 screenshot attached
Sure at viewport height of 610 the bottom is going to be obscured.

I see in your screen shot that the task bar and Browser tab and address bars are showing. There should be some prefs that you can set to hide those elements when Browser is at full screen. Then you end up with a viewport height of 720 and the UI will look normal.
Have to admit I don't know my viewport from my elbow 

If I shrink the screen the viewport size is even smaller but those controls are shown
These two screenshots show that at a viewport size of 946 x 615 renders correctly

Discovered that if you invoke F11, the task, Browser tab and address bars disappear . You get a true full screen display with a viewport depth of 720 and the controls are visible.  Looks very good into the bargain.

Now that I know the controls are lurking under the volume ring, I will F11 to expose them.

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