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Show your audio system
(02-03-2021, 04:19 AM)Britracer Wrote: I decided I needed something small and simple for the bedroom.
RPi Zero W with Hifiberry mini Amp
I built a couple of speakers from an old pair of computer speakers
I used a bunch of scrap plywood and created the "tiger" striped wood by cutting ⅝ strips and gluing them together to form a board

There are 4 radio presets - using simple iron rivets as the buttons
The knob is from an old JVC cd/radio
The nice thing is that by adding a couple of LEDs I can indicate that the unit is playing - The LEDs are driven from the GPIO using the file and adding detection for when the mpc shows playing

The little amp is loud enough with the little 4 Ohm speakers

Power supply is an old Blackberry charger

A very apt build for a bedroom Smile 
I would paint the cabinets/enclosures to match something in the Albert image.... perhaps even each a different colour.

How cold is it there this time of year ?

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