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Instruction Guide Installing Roon Bridge on Moode (updated for Moode 7.1.0+)
(02-24-2021, 05:36 PM)vinnn Wrote: Just stick to the initial guide, the curl suggestion is more appropriate an automated programmatic process.

Looks like I can not connect to Roon server after pinging What is DNS issue and is that easy to fix it? Thx!
Again stick to following the original post ==>

The site is up so I can only guess your Pi/USBridge doesn't have access to the internet.
Never mind. It works now after rebooting Moode
Guide updated for Moode 7.1.0
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Just want to say a big THANK YOU for the clear instructions on how to download and install ROON Bridge on my new Allo Boss 2 Player (I ordered it last Thursday 9/9 and arrived today (9/16).  Very grateful. 

A second thank You, I just received my second Allo Boss2 and have installed the roon endpoint software per your flawless instructions.  Really grateful.

I was a little concerned when installing the second unit, but I see that my DHCP server assigned a different IP address. A couple of quick questions. 

1) Is there a way to define which device opens when I type mode.local on my browser, or do I need to open with IP address?
2) How do I configure the I2S Audio Device on the second unit? Can I change the Named Device name to a different name? Not sure what the DT Overlay means. Is there a web site I could read more on the menu configurations for the Allo Boss2?
3) Since I am using both units as roon endpoints, I don't think I need to configure my local library on both units, is there a benefit doing so(like if roon was down)?

Again, thanks for your assistance.

All moOde players on a network have to have different names. To accomplish this open System Config and change the Host name and Browser title. The host name is the name you would use in the Web Browser to access moOde WebUI.

If you are just using moOde to run RoonBridge then there no other configuration is needed other than to install RoonBridge and turn it on in Audio Config. At that point all the device setup etc is done in main Roon app.

If you also want to use moOde as a player then open Audio Config and select "Allo Boss 2" from the Named device list in the I2S Audio Device section and then reboot. You would also need to do Library config if your music is on a NAS otherwise just plug in a USB drive and then Menu, Library update.
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very clear and some day i will try roon
i dont know why but using the posted scripts in the 1 post failed and notice lack of alsa driver.

see below:

Unpacking RoonBridge_linuxarmv7hf.tar.bz2...Done

Checking to see if RoonBridge can run on this machine

Checking for Binary Compatibility [ FAILED ]
Checking for ALSA Libraries [ FAILED ]


These issues must be addressed before RoonBridge will run on this machine.

For more information on how to address this, see:


then i click the link from above from roon and check there is another script using linuxarmv8.

then i try below scrips and it works.

version: pi3b+ 1.2 version.
moode 8.1.2
below scrip works when i tried what is written from this post fails.

curl -O

chmod +x

sudo ./

so to remind, if you moode fail, try a second script.
i dont know why but it works.
Looks like they have two installers for ARM platforms like Raspberry Pi. One is for 32-bit ARM's like the Pi-1B, 2B and Zero. The other is for the 64-bit ARMS including Pi-3B and higher.

Roon Bridge (armv7hf) - 32-bit
Roon Bridge (armv8)   - 64-bit
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