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Idea: Use radio genre "tag" like albums do
Having all the radio stations altogether, albeit alphabetically, is not easy navigate. If these could be filtered by genre, like albums, this would be great. Radio stations already have a user editable genre tag.

Also would be nice to able to user organize the station icons in the tag views. I like my most listened to stations to be in the front. Alphabetic for albums is great as there are so many and you are most likely not to play only a few of your albums, but for stations, you are more likely to mostly play a handful of stations within a genre.

Thanks for the great work that is Moode.
What you need is Moode 7. All your desires will be catered for when that comes along Smile Favourites first then sorted by Genre (or any other of the tags) will be an option.
That is fantastic! Best news I've heard in all of 2020!

Found the version 7 thread. Impressive work, can't wait to try it!

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