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Problem with usb E1DA Powerdac V2

Novice user. Just started

I am having a problem with a USB DAC not wanting to be recognised by Moode. 
Its the E1DA Powerdac V2 . I think it uses more usb power than a usual usb DAC, so not sure if this is the problem.
I tried 2 other USB DACs and they work fine.
[Image: 88f4a9_8a90e09d1460487780d1cab3a6cf05f2~...7_s_2.webp]


Dimensions:                   75x45.5x19mm

Weight:                           68g

Power:                             USB 5V power rail no internal battery, 250mA idle current, the device                                                   contains up to 5000uF of capacitance and IOS/Android devices can
                                         start OTG operation only with Camera_Adapter and USB OTG Y-splitter                                                 cable respectively

Input:                               USB PCM up to 24b/192kHz

Output:                            digitally generated PWM 384kHz + passive LC demodulation
                                          balanced output 2.5mm jack 5mm shaft stopper, A&K pinout
                                          No adapters allowed! You can kill the DAC.

Output impedance:       1.5Ohm@1000Hz FFT flat top -6dbFS 32Ohm/open load, -.4db drop 

Output power:                >320mW@32Ohm@1kHz@THD=1%
Output power:                >580mW@16Ohm@1kHz@THD=1%
measured in 24b/44.1k mode +.6dbFS level, typical PC USB2 port powered. In case USB power-splitter aka USB-C Y-cable used i.e. USB data goes from Android and 5V power rail from 5.2V 2A charger the max power will be seriously higher see tech plots in the appendix
Frequency response:    20Hz-20kHz +/-.2db(+/-.15db typical)
                                        10Hz-30kHz +/-.5db(+/-.3db typical)
                                         2.5Hz-46kHz +/-3db

S/N ratio:                      -108db(A) (-109db(A) typical)

THD+N@1kHz@0dbFS <.05%

THD+N@1kHz@-3dbFS <.03%

THD+N@1kHz@-6dbFS <.02%

THD+N@1kHz@-10dbFS <.01%

THD+N@6.3kHz@-10dbFS .01% typical

THD+N@100Hz@-10dbFS .03% typical(depends on USB power quality)

THD+N@1kHz@-20dbFS .01% typical

IMD 19kHz(-10dbFS)+20kHz(-10dbFS) -80db typical (THD and IMD measured with 32ohm load in 24b/44.1k mode)
Not a Moode problem but rather a Raspberry Pi hardware problem Wink 
Poor Pi just can't supply the power via USB for this DAC and Headphone amplifier.

The obvious clue is in the specs...

Quote:Power:                             USB 5V power rail no internal battery, 250mA idle current, the device contains up to 5000uF of capacitance and IOS/Android devices can  start OTG operation only with Camera_Adapter and USB OTG Y-splitter  cable respective

However, there is an easy fix... place a powered USB hub between the Pi and the device.

Or if you are technically minded you could DIY one of these cables to use with your favourite power supply.

Thanks. I was hoping to not use the y-splitter like with the big PC. Thanks again for confirming and the solution . Appreciated . I am using the y-splitter and an ifi 5v linear power supply. I was trying to keep it compact and portable.
Portability... Smile  
Thought so...  I doubt that any settings will ameliorate the requirement for some serious grunt for the power supply of your DAC/headphone amp.

There is a setting in the System tab to increase the output from the USB ports but I fear it will not be enough... by a good margin.

Still, I have had good performance using a 10400mAh portable charger to power either the Pi or its ancillaries... and sometimes both.


Follow the good advice from @DRONE7... and probably the best information and support is from IVX himself (and fellow PowerDAC owners):
Thank you. When I said portable. I just wanted 1 AC power supply to power the Raspberry 3 and DAC. I was never planning to use a battery. I am not fully electrically proficient , so I could not calculate how many amps I would need to power both using 1 supply and a power splitter cable. The idea was to keep Moode and all my music on a micro SD 128gb to keep the the USB peripheral's to a minimum connected to the Raspberry

Thank you Mike for the links, I will check them out.
My final setup. all running off 1 x ifi 5volt 2.5 amp supply. Headphones Sennheiser 598 SE - custom balanced cables. seems to be working well. I was worried 2.5 amps would not be enough for the Raspberry and DAC/amp. . 

very happy!

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Slightly off topic but I have the E1DA 9038SG3 and for the money it's a seriously good dac, I use it with my Pixel 4a & UAPP & it's amazing.
I also have one (overkill on my part) . It is very good! use it on my phone and Huawei tablet. Could not get enough volume out of it on the Raspberry with a 598SE. Not sure why. I used the y-split cable to increase the power to it- as in image above. The E1DA Powerdac V2 has an bluetooth app that you can use to control volume. It has more than enough power.
Feedback. Not enough power. WIFI seems to be effected if I only use 1 x 2.5 amp power supply. A pity.

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