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Problem: UPnP issue by MoOde 7.0
(02-06-2021, 09:13 PM)Mark Dirac Wrote:
(02-06-2021, 06:43 PM)SoundAdikt Wrote:
(02-06-2021, 06:29 PM)Mark Dirac Wrote: Thanks for pointing us to this Martin. I didn't know there was any work going on - I had got the impression that our reports were not of interest.
I'll take a look at what folks have been working on.

I find the opposite - Tim and the fellow developer team are typically very responsive. :

"This discussion of UPnP A/V vs OpenHome really deserves a separate thread (or, indeed, a separate website)"

Mark, you're misreading my intentions. The "separate website" comment was meant to suggest that many questions about UPnP, UPnP A/V, DLNA, and OpenHome are actually not questions about some version of moOde but questions about the protocols and the interoperability of any software or hardware which claims to conform to the protocol specifications such as they are.

Similarly, the "separate thread" comment was meant to suggest that the topic shouldn't be buried in a long-running thread about moOde 7.0.1.  You now have this thread. You also have the forum search capability at your fingertips so all previous discussions are open to you.


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