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Official moOde 7.0.0 subthread [Plugins] (e.g. UPNP)
(12-20-2020, 07:59 PM)zOr7gA8 Wrote: is it easily possible to upgrade moode 7.0 to upmpdcli 1.5.5 to test functionality?

or to downgrade to older version, working well?

do I have to check the dependencies to libraries?

Yes and yes.

I was doing this routinely in prior years.

Have you spent any time on the upmpdcli website? there's build instructions and there's his version of a forum (just one thread) on which the question of Tidal covers has come up before.

There's also the upmpdcli section of the moOde build recipe (included in the ./other/build directory of the source code repo and zip file).


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