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Official moOde 7.0.0 subthread [Plugins] (e.g. UPNP)
The upexplorer utility is used in playerlib.php to fetch the URL for album art. IIRC the way to debug is to start a UPnP track playing and then from the command line run the following cmd. It should return the URL.

upexplorer --album-art <renderer>

pi@rp3:~ $ upexplorer
upexplorer: usage:
-l : list devices
 -1 : loop only once (initial discovery)
 [-u] Add url to device lines
 [-U] Add UDN to device lines
-r <server> <objid> list object id (root is '0')
-s <server> <searchstring> search for string
-m <server> <objid> : list object metadata
-c <server> get search capabilities
-M <renderer>: monitor AVTransport
-v <renderer> get volume
-V <renderer> <volume> set volume
-p <renderer> 1|0 play/stop
-P <renderer>  pause
--album-art <renderer> print album art uri for playing track

<renderer> params can be either "friendly names", or UDNs
<server> params must be "friendly names"
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