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Official moOde 7.0.0 subthread [Plugins] (e.g. UPNP)
Hi, upmpdcli developer here.

 >   Very confusing trying to monitor the log. It doesn't seem to accumulate entries synchronously with track playing so tail -f doesn't work...for a while the log was empty even though tracks had been played...but eventually I was able to scrape some pertinent info.

I'm not sure of why this  happens. upmpdcli just logs the messages to stderr or some file, with no special processing.

> Here, for example, I used one of the apps to select a track from my minimserver running on an X86 host. I don't know for sure that this is the start of the log entry for this track but I think so
[... log messages]

> I don't pretend to understand the fine points of the log entries, e.g., the "Action failed" or the "resource has no protocolinfo"---since I'm not fluent in C++ I have no hope of figuring them out by reading the source code.

What control point are you using ? The error is due to the fact that the track metadata indeed has no "protocolinfo" field. This defines the track format, and it is checked against the renderer capabilities if "checkcontentformat" is set in the upmpdcli configuration.

The filtering capability was added to upmpdcli because of one client which used to cause mpd to play loud noise by sending  data (L16) which it could neither process nor reject. checkcontentformat is often turned off, because it is mostly a source of problems in common situations.

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