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Official moOde 7.0.0 subthread [Plugins] (e.g. UPNP)
(01-17-2021, 02:54 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Works ok on my end testing with miniDLNA server. Linn Kazoo and UPnP Config set to Openhome services = yes.
- upmpdcli 1.5.8
- python album art fetcher

is this what the changed build recipe is having here:
sudo cp ./moode/other/upmpdcli/libupnpp-bindings-0.20.1.tar.gz ./
sudo tar xfz libupnpp-bindings-0.20.1.tar.gz
cd libupnpp-bindings-0.20.1
sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr PYTHON_VERSION=3
sudo make
sudo make install
cd ~
sudo rm -rf ./libupnpp-bindings-0.20.1

if yes, I would test too.

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