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Problem: Umlaut in Radio Station with ???

Great release. The only problem which I saw so far ist that there is a problem with character coding of german umlaute like ÜÖÄ in Radio Stations. See Attachment.
I don't see any attachment.

Whats the name of the Radio station?
Sorry somthing went wrong with the attachment.

Here is the link of the station Ö3
It says Hitradio ??3

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I'm able repro the issue and it suggests a bad character code in the metadata transmitted by the Radio Station broadcaster.

A quick test shows the umlaute in the Title tag is ok but not in the Name tag. I've seen other odd issues in the Name tag over the years.

Post a link to a nice high res station logo and I'll try to get this station added for the next update. Once its added into moOde radio station feature Hitradio Ö3 will appear as the station name :-)


pi@rp3:~ $ telnet localhost 6600
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
OK MPD 0.20.0
Title: Hitradio Ö3 - Nachrichten
Name: Hitradio ??3
Pos: 97
Id: 98

Hello Tim,

thanks for the analysis. It would be great to have some german, swiss and austrian radio stations included right out of the box.

If you don't mind I could add them in the github repos and create a pull request.

What are the criteria for you to add a radio station ?


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