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Issue with USB3.0 (OK with USB2)
Hello, I'm a fresh Moode user! My config is:

Rasberry pi 4 / 4gb
Argon One case
Official power supply 15,3W
External 2.5" HDD
Dac Topping D50s

Edit: when I plug HDD or Dac on the USB3, the Pi don't work. If I plug on USB2, all is OK. The description bellow is no more right.

The config works fine without the HDD, but when I plug the HDD Moode don't start.
The red and green led are powered on the Rpi, the led on the HDD too. But impossible to make Moode start.

My first impression is that the power supply is not enough, but before to buy another one, I want to know if maybe there is a tip in Moode setting?
I tested to disable a maximum power conso setting (bluetooth/hdmi/lan) but nothing changed.

Thanks for your help!
Check if under-voltage has occurred.

vcgencmd get_throttled
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Thx Tim Curtis,

After reading many things it seems tha the issue desappear when I plug the HDD on the USB 2.0 port instead of the USB3.0......
I will check the undervolatge topic!
throttled 0x0

It seem's that nothing has been changed, If my understand is good.

I can not use my USB3.0 ports, my HDD or my DAC (toppingg D50s) don't let the Pi work correctly, but all is ok on usb2.0.
iirc there were a number of reports of USB3 problems when the Pi4 was first released.
Many of these were fixed with a later firmware update.
What version number does your Pi report ?

Given that yours is the only thread on this and others have not reported it may be that the problem is with your hardware.
Certainly my Pi 4 has no issues with USB3 but I have kept it's firmware up to date.
I recall that MoOde upgrades do include firmware revisions... again, what firmware does your Pi4 report...

It seems my Rpi is uptodate:

Possibly a defective unit, is it brand new?
A similar issue with USB 3, using an USB RF remote, it is not recognized. It works on USB2.
In case its useful or relevant to someone, I also found the USB3 ports on my rPi4 are super-sensitive, and reset if you even slightly touch or move the cable going to the DAC. USB2 ports are perfectly stable. I tried multiple different cable types and lengths. Im using the Douk U2 XMOS spdif interface. Could just be that USB3 ports dont like USB2 cables?

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