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Display choices
 it would be nice if we could choose how the display looks on smaller screen.
Right now with have tracks List on the left, Time/Volume in the middle, Coverart track on the right side of the screen.
I'd like to be able to choose other display "themes", for instance, Coverart on the left and track/ timebar on the left for a 3.5" 640x480 screen or let's be wild, for a 8.8" 1920x480 screen like in picture.

Right now, I was able to modify the .css to make the Coverart on top and timebar/track underneth and get rid off everything else.
I'm still working on locating them side by side, but it's a pain for me.
Thank you.

Are you asking for more user control over the layout of the interactive WebUI or just for a different local display of the currently playing track?

If the latter, then I'd argue one should create a simple web page to experiment with and direct the local display browser to it. I've used this approach for several personal projects where I wanted to monitor moOde activities without having to ssh to the player or to try out interesting graphical displays. In my case, I set up a separate site on the existing nginx server (listening to a different port) so it's totally separate from the moOde site.

As for more control over the layout of the interactive WebUI, maybe one of the front-end gurus will chime in. 

Hi Kent,
 I'm asking about control over the layout of the interactive WebUI. It's possible, I think, like I said I was able to change the view for 640x480 in css. By reducing the size of the browser on a PC, we can see the WebUI changing appearance, so everything is there to start with.
Who are the css gurus in the team?
ok, I see nobody is interested in that.
Since the team "minify" the coding, maybe we should minify the display too Big Grin
I was able to get this, on a 3.5" 640x480 screen, after few days, but the track bar is not moving with the time Sad , some more work is needed.
It's really hard trying to figure out what is going on in this css.
Looks nice and clean.

Quote:ok, I see nobody is interested in that.

Keep in mind that the next release of moOde is already well along. Interested or not, the folks who are knowledgeable about the inner workings of the WebUI are b-u-s-y.
Smile  yes I'm sure

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