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Multi-Moode Station Library Sync
I run Moode on two systems in the house, likely more to come.  Would it be possible to have a central repository for the radio station library or otherwise a way to sync changes made on one Moode to other players?  Might even be something as simple as allowing the storage of the library on a remote space (google drive, local NAS, etc.) that would be referenced by any/all Moodes pointed to it.

Thanks again for a great product!
I achieve this by exporting the radio stations from one moOde onto the NAS where both get their music from, then importing said stations back into the other. It isn't automatic, but it gets the job done.
Good thought. Thanks.
Of course, it does not need to be on the NAS, I just store mine there so I can get to it from any device on my network. As long a s the file is reachable from wherever you are opening the moOde interfaces on both instances from, then the method works.

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