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Solved: Album playback stops at the end of each track
I have two RPi units on which I recently installed Moode 7.0.1 after having used Volumio for some years. One system has the Allo Kali reclocker and the Allo Piano DAC, the other one has the Allo Katana DAC. The Kali/Piano works flawlessly. However, on the Katana system i encounter a problem. When playing an album or a playlist, playback stops after each track. It proceeds to the next track but it does not start the playback. When hitting the pause/play button it continues the playback, until it reaches the end of the track and there it stops again. I have compared configuration settings of my two systems but cannot find any setting that can be causing this behavior. Any ideas to get this solved will be highly appreciated!
Reboot then post System info.

moodeutl -s

-- or --

Menu, System
Menu, System info
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Do you by any chance have 'Single' selected in the 3-dot menu below the volume wheel?

Edit: Tim's on the case already!
jonners --> Indeed, 'single' was selected. Can't say why. Removing the selection solved the issue. Works fine now.

Many thanks for this great help. No further help needed.

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