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Solved: 24 bit Output to HDMI downsamples to 16 bit
@the_bertrum   and those engineers are few and far between...and getting fewer as the years go by.

Nowadays it is all 'cookie-cutter-pump up the bass-max the levels-and let loose the dogs of decibels'  Engineers no longer listen to real instruments or acoustic spaces...they just 'imagine' their outputs and think that they, rather than the artists, are responsible for the 'mix'  lol.

Of course...many 'artists' wouldn't know their elbow from their.....hmmmm  I think I will stop now... :-)

And as an off topic question ...Wasn't "Sherly Crow"  (AKA Sheryl Crow) one of Michael Jackson's back up singers way back when ??

Edit.... My memory surprises me sometimes given the years of accumulated dross... :-)

Quote:Crow toured with Jackson as a backup singer from 1987-1989, Jackson was fresh from the success of his Bad album, and at the height of his fame.


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