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Idea: Booklet reader

A lot of us have digital booklets with our music, esp classical music listeners. The files are usually called "booklet.pdf" or have some other name ending with ".pdf" and containing the string "booklet". They can be in the same directory of the music file or be in a folder called "Art" or "Artwork" (if it is "scans" it means that the folder contains a lot of scans and the origin of the files in there is ... dubious?).

This should be enough information for moOde to determine whether there is a booklet and allow it to be selected and opened in the browser. A little book icon con be in the playlist view, but also appear under the album data in the Tag Library View and, well, not sure where it should be in the Album and Folder Library View, but you get the idea.

I think this would be a fantastic addition and it would further set moOde apart from the competition.
This has come up before and is on the TODO list but waiting for a dev to become interested in volunteering their time to implement it.

Related items include displaying multiple covers if present and also artist pics. I already added single cover to Audio info and @Stephanowicz submitted PR to add multi covers

You should post an issue in the Repo covering these items otherwise it might get lost in the Forum...


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