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disable Google search
Found it !

I have a spare Pi 3B and an official pi touchscreen but the screen with MoOde performs so slowly on anything below a Pi4 that I had almost given up using it...
Then an 'aha' moment....find a kiosk Pi and run that with the 3B and touchscreen pointed to moode.local
With a mouse and keyboard it is just what is needed... a little lag but less than running fully on a Pi.

So, NAS>MoOde-Pi4 as Player<Kiosk-Pi & Touchscreen as controller.

(I'm not a fan of WiFi, Phones, or energy gobbling hardware Wink )

this for the set-up....

and the 'Enable GPIO shutdown' from here...

Now I can boot my Pi-player, NAS, and Pi-controller (without using a phone or PC) and play, configure, shutdown, et al.

Happy here Cool  (oh... and disabled Google search so the controller doesn't end up in an unrecoverable loop if miss-clicked Big Grin )



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