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Update from version 6.7.1 2020-07-22

I've version 6.7.1 2020-07-22 installed and I've checked for updates in the System menu. I got the following message "A new image-only release of moOde is available. Visit for more information."  Is this message telling me that I must download and create a new SD-Card with the mo0de appliance, and no update is possible from the running mo0de instance? With a new install, all my personal settings and personal stations are gone without a manual backup? 

Thanks, Frank
yes. fresh install ;-)
You can use Radio Manager in 671 to export the stations and then use the new, more comprehensive station manager utility in moOde 7 series to import the stations you created.

pi@rp2:~ $ /var/www/command/ -h
usage: [-h] [--version]
                        (--import | --export | --clear | --compare)
                        [--scope {all,moode,other}]
                        [--type {favorite,regular,hidden,nothidden}]
                        [--how {clear,merge}] [--db DB]

Manages import and export of moOde radiostations.

positional arguments:
 backupfile            Filename of the station backup. Required by the
                       import, export and compare.

optional arguments:
 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 --version             show program's version number and exit
 --import              Import radio stations from backup.
 --export              Export radio stations to backup.
 --clear               Clear radio stations. This will delete the contents of
                       the SQL table, logo images and pls files of the
                       selected stations within the specified scope.
 --compare             Show difference between SQL table and station backup.
 --scope {all,moode,other}
                       Indicate to which stations the specified action
                       applies. (default: other)
 --type {favorite,regular,hidden,nothidden}
                       Indicate the type of station to export.
 --how {clear,merge}   On import, clear stations before action or merge and
                       add. (default: merge)
 --db DB               File name of the SQL database. (default:

Root privileges required for import or clear.
pi@rp2:~ $
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Thanks Smile

Maybe I'm too late with updating my mo0de. There are a lot of newer versions released since version 6.7.0. Playing Radio/Spotify works great and didn't even check the settings menu for a long time. Is that the reason I'm unable to update from the web interface, or is updating not possible because of a new major release, so everyone is required to fresh install mo0de between version 6 and 7?
Thats correct. The changes between 671 and the new 7 series were too complex and thus it was not feasible to develop a reliable in-place update.
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Thanks, the update and the import was successful!

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