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Problem: under-voltage/Throttling Warning
I noticed last week that system info was giving me the under-voltage/Throttling warning on boot up. I checked the output voltage of my LPS and pi usb ports and they were a little low. I adjusted the output voltage of my LPS to give approx 5.3 volts and changed the usb power cable, this has solved the problem on boot up. But I did notice after running for a while last night that the warning message returned but was cleared with a reboot.

Does the under-voltage/Throttling warning drastically effect the running of moode or can it be ignored?

Can checking for under-voltage be deactivated to avoid throttling?

Just happened again, code 0x50000, Under-voltage has occurred, Throttling has occurred, according to the doc's Kent pointed to, this should not be a problem?

"From this we can see that bits 18 and 16 are set, indicating that the Pi has previously been throttled due to under-voltage, but is not currently throttled for any reason." ?
Ideally you want the throttled state to be like below all the time. 

pi@moode:~ $ moodeutl -s | grep Throttled
Throttled bitmask       = 0x0
Throttled text          = No throttling has occured
pi@moode:~ $

Here's the throttling documents:

The codes are generated by the Pi's firmware. Reading them has no effect on the physical state of the Pi.
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