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Solved: UPnP - CamillaDSP
@caseyjones and @klausimausi04 slowly making progress.
The easiest way to reproduce the problem is using a playlist with radio stations (with different samplerates) and then just toggle between the stations in the list.

So we can take entire upnp subsystem and upmpdcli out of the picture. Leaves the mpd http input module and alsa_cdsp plugin.
Thank you, Bitlab, for continuing to find the error.
@caseyjones and @klausimausi04 looks like I finally found the cause of the problem: the curl input plugin.
And to be specific it seems not the code om the mpd curl plugin in itself, but the used version of libcurl which does do the heafty lifting for the http transport.

It concerns the following installed curl packages:
  • libcurl3-gnutls/stable,now 7.64.0-4+deb10u2 armhf [installed,automatic]
Now the cause seems to be known, it is easier to search in the right direction of simular issues:
For test I rebuilded an upstream version if libcurl3-gnutls which seems to fix the issue (tested with the radio playlist case)
Only this isn't a final solution because it breaks some of the other tools like git.
So we are not there yet, but at least a step further again.
This nice fix to libcurl3 from @bitlab has been incorporated into upcoming moOde 7.3.0 release. It's installed and configured so that MPD is the only process that uses it and thus it does not break other utilities that expect the original libcurl3l :-)
Hi Tim,
thank you very much for this message!
Also Bitlab, thank you for your work!

Kind regards

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