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Multiple DACs
(04-04-2021, 03:49 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: You might want to look at Allo Piano 2.1 DAC.

Install the DSP firmware and configure it for 2.1 output using moOde's Chip Config screen for this DAC.

It's been couple of years since I tested this DAC but it should still work.

Thanks Tim, yes I remember I had looked at the Allo Piano 2.1 a while back but part of the appeal of making the changes would be to use DAC boards with balanced outputs, as my amplifiers have balanced inputs. At the moment the board that does the splitting also balances the outputs, so if I were to do away with this I would either need to make alternative boards that just balanced the Piano 2.1 outputs, or preferably use DACs that did that already - I was considering something like Ian Canada's boards because the I/V stage offers balanced outputs, but I'm not particularly tied to that hardware if there's something that does what I need -  but I'm not sure whether it's possible (either physically or from an interfacing point of view) to connect several i2s DAC boards to a RPi and just expect them to work as multiple audio devices.

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