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Idea: Sony LDAC Bluetooth Codec Support
Just to say I've followed scblock's guide and it works, and the functionality appears solid after some testing here. There are some considerations though. Where possible I attempted to checkout specific release tags rather than just compiling the arbitrary current state of git. However for the aptx sink functionality you currently do have to compile the current state of git because no release has been tagged since the commits providing this functionality were added. For the LDAC encode functionality I checked out the last point release (git checkout tag/v2.0.2.3).

Perhaps once openaptx and bluealsa have been tagged with release tags including this functionality, Is it possible to distribute a script that the user can opt either to run or not, to automate downloading the relevant source and compiling & installing support for these codecs? Or does even providing that much facilitation put the project in a difficult position?
For these kinds of things someone can easily create and maintain a Git repo containing the instructions, scripts etc and provide ongoing user support for the components using the repo's issue list. If someone takes responsibility for doing this then feel free to post a link to the repo.

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