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Sort/display only artists and artist/album hierarchy
Hi all,

New here as I've stumbled across this in my effort to simplify my life with a dedicated media player.

I primarily use Plex for everything so I'm using that as a bit of a feature parity test. 

I'm just setting this up for the first time, connecting to all my media on my NAS.  All well and good so far, but I'm looking to sort by artist alone, only viewing albums for said artist when clicking on said artist; dropping down to another level.  But it seems that while it does sort by artist, it lists every album on the same page as well. 

Am I missing something here in order to do this or is this particular hierarchy not here?

I've searched ad nauseam here and could not find something regarding this.

1. The Library in moOde is constructed from metadata tags in the files. If the files are correctly tagged the Library views (Folder, Tag, Album) will function correctly.
2. The album art thumbnail generator expects all tracks belonging to an album to be in a distinct "Album" directory.
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Thanks.  As to my hierarchy, that's what I have, music_folder/artist/album.  I see where there's no online album art generator so that's a local issue as I don't have art for everything.  

As to the display, perhaps I wasn't too clear.  

In Plex, we have this view. 

[Image: i-32LG5mN-X2.png]

In Moode, I have this view. 
[Image: i-mJPwjVd-X2.png]

I can see where I can look at tags, and get a view that way...
[Image: i-93MHhqN-X2.png]

...but I am looking for the main view to be akin to Plex's view where I can simply have an artist only top level, and dig into the albums from there. 

Which I guess is to say is there/should there be an Artist tag here?
[Image: i-ZL9bF2m-M.png]

There is no tagging that I've explicitly done with how I have sorted anything now.
What advantage is there in the "Artist" rolled up view as you have described it over over Tag view?

Remember you can select an artist in Tag view and then switch to Album view if you want a grid layout for all the albums belonging to an artist.
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(04-24-2021, 04:12 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: What advantage is there in the "Artist" rolled up view as you have described it over over Tag view?

That I use the product. 


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