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Help: Moode remote interface
I have a Moode player hidden in an old Philco radio in my garage

I recently obtained some industrial displays with a touchscreen lcd. They have Beaglebones (Debian Jessie) running them. They don't run X11 but natively they run QTopia. I've disabled that so right now I just get a linux console. Installing LXDE didn't go so well.  I'd like to figure out how I can get chrome Browser on them similar to how the Moode works. It's my understanding that Moode doesn't have a full X11 install.  The Chrom(ium) browser would be configured to boot up and connect to my Moode player giving me essentially a remote touchscreen display. 

This display would be attached to the wall in my garage.

Any pointers on what I need to install on the LCD Display (Beaglebone) would be appreciated.
A kiosk may be one option...? not sure if this can be adapted for a BBB but the general idea may be of help.


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