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"/" in Album Name causes display issues.
I just bought an Album called "</3", which is scanned into the library correctly and plays perfectly well, but unfortunately the "</" in the album name breaks the display code (understandably).  No track names show up in the Album view and the Tag view shows the track names, but in the album name font.

This is clearly an edge case and I'm happy to re-tag so the album name is less esoteric (the artist calls it heartbroken when speaking about it, I'll just use the words rather than a symbol) but I thought I'd point it out just in case it is either easy to fix or Taylor Swift releases an album called <hr/> so the problem become less niche Smile
PM me a download link to one or two of the tracks and I'll see what needs to be done. The string prolly just needs to be escaped so the < character gets turned into &lt.
Got the files and can repro the issue. Looks like quite a few places where breakage occurs. I'll add to the TODO list.
Give this commit a try and let me know how it goes.
Looks good Tim, I'll run with it in place for a while to be sure there are no side effects.

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