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Instruction Guide Radio Player with Dial to Manually Select Stations
I made a simple radio player that can be operated manually with a single dial (I haven't finished decorating the box yet!)




I wrote some software to manage the dial, and a set of instructions for configuring everything

It will work with a slider instead of a dial (anything that can be attached to the ADC board, probably also some sensors). 

All it does is run commands when values lie in a specified band, so it can easily be used for other purposes.

I made a video to show the player in action! It has been working out really well as a manually operated kitchen radio.

If the video is not accessible in the post, here is a link

I'm planning something similar to replace the innards of an old Roberts radio I have in the kitchen. I was going to try for a rotary switch so change stations but maybe this dial system will feel more like tuning an analogue radio and will suit the look better. Much to think on....


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