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Pi 4b and dac recommendation
I'm happy with my SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII USB DAC.

Good enough for my ancient ears.

Pi 4B 1GB / SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK II USB  DAC / Pro-ject Elemental / Marantz CD6004 / Marantz PM6004 / Monitor Audio Bronze 2
(05-28-2021, 07:50 PM)Gekel Wrote:
(05-28-2021, 07:43 PM)jonners Wrote: @stevoknevo
The maximum current of that LPS is specified as 1.5A. If you are planning to supply the RPi4 with it, that's not enough!

Beside not needing a LPS a pi4 with SSD attached and running on both connectors (wifi and ethernet) active draws around 1A total. I cut one of the connections and now I am at around 900mA.

However I suggest to buy a rock solid and higher quality PSU and not any cheap Chinese stuff. You might burn down the house if it overheats without shutting down. In Europe Leicke offers high quality PSUs.
Leicke Excellent quality power supplies, but still made in China. So not everything produced in this country is crap.

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