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[SOLVED]: I2S Driver for TDA1541A
For I2S I've read that its best to use micro U.FL coax but that requires special connectors on each end. Next best is the fine copper wire from a CAT5 or higher Ethernet cable which are engineered for high frequency data transmission.

Btw, thats a really cool diy mod. What model is the CD player and do you know which specific TDA1541 chip it uses for example TDA1541A S1 or S2?

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Thanks Tim. That will require me to re-engineer the board in order to use the U.FL coax. I am now planning to buy some Quad core Mogami cables as an alternative.

My CD player is an Arcam Alpha 5+, it is the normal TDA1541A. The higher end Arcam model, Delta 70.2 uses the S1 chipset. I believe the higher end Marantz models, i.e. CD-94 too.

Given that you provide the generic driver for it, its a no-brainer to use MoOde player. :-)

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