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Problem: Cannot add Tunein URL's to radio list
I would like to add some radio stations to Moode, but the only URL's for them are tunein links, for example

When I try to enter that URL, I get "failed to decode... failed invalid data found when processing.  Is there a way to get tunein stations into Moode?
Here is the page...(From Radio Browser)

and the url you need...(but seems to be currently not broadcasting) (copy and paste the whole link including the ; don't just click on it);

and for future DIY...

You can search Radio Browser for the stations you see in Tune-In and so DIY and Tune-out Tune-in Wink
(try by 'popularity' or 'category' for some serendipitous results or 'use the search Luke'

Thanks so much for that information.  I'd been doing internet searches for an hour before I posted here.

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