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Rpi 4b in to Topping D10 for car audio (airplay)
(07-22-2021, 09:01 AM)Ride154 Wrote: Can you look at the temp somewhere in moOde?

It's listed in system info.
must 've read over that. thx
Try the command below.

moodeutl -m
Hi Guys ‘n Gals,

So i received the original power brick for the Pi and everything is working. 
The Pi boots up and the D10 starts and everthing play nice.
With the optical out to my amps it sounds the same as my normal AirPlay setup.

And the mauser 4A car power circuit is on its way for the next step. 

But one thing i noticed is that volume is quit a bit lower.
No changes to my setup were made.  
Just unplugged the optical cable from my AirPort express and shuffed it in to the D10.
The iPhone volume slider is normaly at 50% and with the Pi more like 70/80%.
Can i change something in the settings?

Greetings Menno

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