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initial thoughts
Hi all, I'm using a rpi 4b, music fidelity amp, a new denafrips Ares ii DAC and Kef speakers. I am on the lookout for the perfect RPi player and it seems a toss up between Moode and Volumio.
I am evaluating both and thought some initial feedback hopefully is helpful. 
1. Moode is stable, functional and the community looks good. All excellent qualities.
2. Volumio user's interface is however more polished and flows much better than Moode. . Example -playlist use in Moode isn't logical, user friendly or functionally polished- fixing  this would  be a Blessing
3. Moode's functional capability though seems better than Volumio. For example your integrated graphic equaliser is far more stable and robust because, I'm guessing, you implemented it whereas volumio seemingly relies on a 3rd party plugin. Your graphic equaliser works for the streaming radio whereas volumio's does not etc. When u introduce new capability it just works well.

Outside of fixing things when it comes down to a choice of introducing new capability or improving the user interface and hence user experience I believe the latter would win you more users.

I appreciate the effort and dedication you put into this... Its quiite remarkable. Well done on a fantastic piece of software.
(07-28-2021, 11:58 AM)Subsub Wrote: Its quiite remarkable.

Especially when you consider the size of the team.

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