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How to properly connect and use HDD USB with your music files.
Apologies for my english and stupid question from inexperienced user.
The question is as follows - there is a hard drive with music, music is sorted into folders. I connect the HDD disk to USB, the disk is visible with a common name, not by folders, I press update, the update is in progress, but as a result, only one folder from this disk appears.
Can you please tell me how can I update and use all folders?
In the program, I am only interested in reading my music files from the HDD - USB.

The latest version is installed from the site.
Thank you very much for the program.
I had the same problem, recently.

I had to change the name of the music folders to be recognized.

In fact, I added "_" at the start of the folder's name, so that it appears higher in the list...

I don't klow why moode reacts like that.
musical regards

My folders are called about the same Jazz, Rock, Funk, Disco ... But Jazz he sees a folder, and the rest - no.
Oppo 103D and Denon BDP3313 recognize folders without problems and correctly.
I really don't want to rename everything.
Menu, Configure, Library
Regenerate Music library

Then look in the MPD log for errors

cat /var/log/mpd/log
Enjoy the Music! | |
cat /var/log/mpd/log
bach: cat /var/log/mpd/log : No such file or directory

I am a completely inexperienced user Ubuntu

I clear the folder with music, click update, the update is in progress, I reboot the program, the update is in progress again, the folders from the hard drive appear. But not all, 2-3 pieces are not enough. I try to play the files that have been determined, play for a minute or two, then it breaks off and a folder with files appears again, which, as I understand it, I kind of cleared.
I overload, the disk is updated, the same thing is repeated.
I also renamed the folders. Does not help.
I am connecting a 1GB hard drive.
The library is updated for a long time, 5-7 minutes.
Oppo 105d performs the same operation in 20-30 seconds.
Is that how it should be?

I numbered the folders - 1,2,3 ...
So all folders are read except 6,8,9.
And then everything disappears and packs with the old names appear.

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