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Idea: Hide/show switch for albums
Firstly, I'd like to say how much I am enjoying Moode now that I've got my CDs ripped and have started buying some HD files. There was a learning curve, but I think it's a fine piece of software and getting better all the time.

I've been buying CDs since the 80s and I've got a range of music in my library (as do many of us I presume). Most of the music that I was listening to back then is not being played now, or so infrequently that I'd rather not have them cluttering up my main Library page (albums, all music). However, I'd still like to have them accessible and I don't want to remove the files. Maybe once a year I get the itch to hear Stairway to Heaven, Layla or All Along the Watchtower. This also runs across genres, so it really doesn't work to limit selections by genre. Plus, I like the larger thumbnails on the main Library page.

The ability to categorize albums, and a preference selection for which categories display in the Library page. It would be fine with me if this were a binary switch (A/B; on/off; yes/no; show/hide). But it seems that we might as well have several categories such as A-B-C-D with checkboxes to control which are displayed. That's it. 
One challenge is that there would need to be another view "Hidden Albums" to display the hidden albums so they could be selectively un-hidden.

My collection has albums that I prolly won't ever listen to since back in the day but I still love seeing the beautiful album covers :-)
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Perhaps a "Show All" button that would effectively toggle between the described category feature vs. showing everything would allow it to use the same Album View page.
If you make use of the "comment" tag to apply your categories, then use the search function to limit to the value you have put in the comment tag, that should achieve what you want.
As an example, I have a lot of music bought from Bandcamp. These files always have a comment saying they have come from "<bandname>", so I can put "bandcamp" in the search box and only have albums that came from bandcamp in the results set.
A show/hide function would prolly work but the amount of effort to implement a feature like this is substantial and so there would need to be significant demand to put it on the TODO list.
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