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moOde 4.3 screen shots

Here are some screenies of upcoming moOde 4.3 :-)

Album Cover panel

This works like iTunes where clicking on an album shows/hides the tracks list. Search and Random Album operate same as on the Album list. A unique feature is that the Album Cover list is fully synchronized with the Album List. Changes made in one are reflected in the other. This implementation uses on-the-fly lazy load for cover images. A future enhancement will add a local thumbnail cache :-)


CoverView HUD

Tapping the album cover brings up the HUD. It automatically hides if not used after 5 secs
A future enhancement will provide a button to display the Playlist :-)


Library UTF8 Replace

This feature is designed to replace non-UTF8 characters in Chinese song and directory names with a valid UTF8 character. to prevent the Library loader from bombing.


Mobile Layout

A more spacious arrangement of the play controls. Swiping up reveals the Playlist.


Allo Katana DAC Chip Options


Support for arm64

No screenie for this feature but it involves mods to several moOde files to provide detection and reporting of arm64 OS.

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Hi moOde fans,
Maybe next week it will be realeased ?!?
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Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Excellent, Tim.

When looking at your screenies, i was just listening to Tierney Sutton singing "Where and When". Beautiful song. Cool

Det  Smile
Album Cover Panel  Heart Heart Heart great job Tim!
Album Cover View - The view I have been waiting for..
Looks great.


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The blues has got a hold of me, I believe I'm gettin' dizzy - ZZ Top
too great !
Good news, I'm waiting this version for my Katana DAC. MoOde 4.2 still ok for PCM, but volume control for DSD get errors and no filter of ESS chip.
Thanks !
Album cover view!!!!!! That's super!!!!
(08-27-2018, 02:06 AM)linh0983 Wrote: too great !

What shall I understand:
- a 'tongue-in-cheek' complaint/remark ?
- a case of 'Franglais' ?
- a 'Google Translate' mishap ?

Either way Tim & the Team's work is fantastic...

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