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DHCPV6 RENEW IA_NA, any network guru's in the house?
(09-04-2018, 05:29 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote: Like I said before, Raspbian enables the IPv6 protocol by default. Google is your friend if you want to disable it. All moOde needs is an interface which is configured, up, and connected to your LAN and works fine if the interface is configured with only an IPv4 assignment.

It's Raspbian which is configuring your interfaces with both IPv4 and IPv6 assignments and the Raspberry Pi forum is where the Raspbian experts hang out if you want to ask details about why it's doing what it's doing.

Well,  a test would be to fire up one of the Pi's with just a Raspbian OS,  and see if it has the same behavior,  or if its dependent on Moode or the extra Raspotify add on. I'll try that sometime soon.

But this is much different behavior vs several other PC's and devices around the house,  that get themselves a IPv6 address.  

And Tim....

As posted upthread:

JonPike Wrote: Wrote:I have noticed with a Moode 4.0 setup I have,  I get a lot of
DHCPV6 RENEW IA_NA from 0001000121b0d9d4b827ebb1acba on br-lan: ok 2600:8802:1200:4ec::40e/128 fd02:27c0:3531::40e/128
entries in my router log.  Seems to be the moode player requesting to renew it's ipv6 address.  About every 20 seconds. For very long periods of time. 


OK,  have gotten back to this,  and have learned a few things...

The Moode 4.2 Pi 3B system did have issues, and has been behaving better after the reflash.  But, both it and the 4.0 Pi 1B+ system still do the same repeated refresh request attempts for IPv6 addresses.  Sometimes it takes a while for one to start,  sometimes the rate slows down to 1-2 times a minute,  but it's there.  Doesn't seem to need two players to start up, either.

So, lets do some math.

20 seconds a renew request, times 2 players,  equals 8,640 entries a day   But, it seems to slow down after a while, to a couple times a minute,  that would be 2,880 times a day with 2 players banging away.  Either way, generally what would be called "a lot".   At this moment my syslog covers only 3 hours of time,  before old entries are getting truncated.

Again,  I will do the bare Raspbian OS test soon,  tonight is too late....  and report results.

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